We’ve been lied to.

We were told that it’s “hard to start a business” or that it takes 
“up to 5 years to grow a business and make it profitable.”

…And then there’s my favorite myth, that “there’s a whole lotta competition out there.”

While the market does have many businesses, no one is doing exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it… And that is your power.

My thoughts as a business expert…? 

- Success takes work, but it doesn’t have to be hard or painful.
- Growing a business is easy when you follow a proven step-by-step system.
- You can hit the six-figure mark within your first year if you’re focused on clear on your steps.
- You don’t need to post on social media or spend money on advertising to get clients.
- You don’t need to sign up for more certification programs.
Launch A Business You Love
And Consistently Close Clients!
I thought I did everything right—I went to college, took on every internship under the sun, worked hard, and… couldn’t land a job to save my life.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to become an award-winning counterterrorism professional, and accelerate quickly through the corporate ranks!

I was grateful to eventually be featured as a career coach in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, SELF, TEDx and more for my work in helping hundreds of others do the same in their own careers.

…But I didn’t get there doing any of the typical career or job hunt advice you hear.

In fact doing a lot of those typical job hunt moves—applying for jobs online, asking people to pass my resume around, and more—got me nowhere.

…Perhaps you can relate?

After finishing my degree, I spent months applying for jobs and never hearing back... And eventually, I accepted a job as an admin assistant making minimum wage.

To know that I had real potential to make an impact in the world as I sat in my desk doing nothing of meaning really ate at my soul.
I counted down until 5pm every day.
I could hardly afford my bills.
I lived for the weekends.
I felt undervalued.

I knew I needed to make a change. So I called my college and asked for a list of every alumni that ever graduated and moved to DC. There were 2,000 people on this list… And over the next few months of my job, I’d take Arabic classes at UCLA at night, and during my lunch breaks, every day, I’d work my way through the list of names, calling one person after the next.

Some people hung their phones up on me.
Others answered and offered to help me.

I fell on my face saying the “wrong things” to these strangers who I thought would perhaps help me out in my job search—and yet, every now and again, someone offered to help me in my job search in a really big way, be it through connecting me to hiring managers, offering meetings, you name it!

Fast forward a few months into my cold calls, I was able to quit my job, move to Washington, DC, and – in only 6 weeks— I landed three job offers, nearly tripled my salary, and accepted a management-level position running a program for the Pentagon.

Friends who moved to DC, ones who did better in grad school than I ever did, asked for my advice:

Ash, how do I land more job offers? How do I stand out in the pile?

This led me to inviting friends to Starbucks on the weekends, helping them rewrite their resume, and offering them networking strategies— ones that translated into job offers.

Next thing I knew, friends would invite other friends to our coffee meet ups, and it turned into 30 people at Starbucks, asking me how they too could land a job.
“You should be a career coach,” people would say.

“What does that even mean?” I’d ask, “And who am I to coach anyone on anything? I’m 23 years old!”

When I thought of being a coach, I assumed it meant having some purple website with rainbows and waterfalls on it… That was what I saw on the Internet at the time, and it felt nothing like me!

So I kept pushing the idea of being an entrepreneur aside because the thought of making my own money on my own terms scared me. It didn’t feel possible.
That was, until I hired my first coach.

“That’ll be $10,000,” she said, as we completed our free consultation.


How was I going to do that?

How did I know if she would even be able to help me?

I wanted certainty. I wanted to know that if I put that money out, I’d be guaranteed some sort of result.

And that was when I realized that I had a choice: am I more committed to certainty—or growth?

I decided growth meant taking leaps and trusting that I’d learn what I needed to. It meant investing in my best asset — myself! — and deciding what I would get out of the investment for myself.

And so, I sold my car for $10,100, and cut my first business coach a check for the full $10,000.

In that moment, I realized it wasn’t about saying “yes” to her about working together… It was about saying “yes” to me. And I’m so glad I did.

What did I learn from working with her as my coach (and so many others in the years that followed)?

That creating a service-based business is a blend of the mystical and the practical.

It’s mystical because it requires your magic, your unique expression, to truly stand out.

But when you follow a step-by-step system, business is also practical. It’s a science.

You learn how to help your customer.
You learn where to find customer leads.
You learn to speak to your leads.
You learn how to close sales.


That’s what inspired me to create my online course to help new business owners launch their service-based business, called the Business Launch Mastermind.
While I recommend private coaching for business owners who have hit the six-figure mark in their business, this online course is powerful for new business owners that want to set a strong foundation they can stand on in the future.

What’s happened since hiring that first coach of mine?

- I’ve landed a six figure book deal.
- I’ve accrued more than 500,000 email subscribers.
- I’ve coached more than 300 women one-on-one.
- I’ve scaled my online courses out to 5,000 customers into 31 countries.

And here’s the deal... I’m no more special than you are... I know you can do this, too.

My work as a career coach has been featured in TEDx, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, SELF Magazine, The Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and so much more.

In retrospect, something always felt like it was missing for me in the workforce. I started to eventually realize the truth: I just wasn’t meant for it.
And if you’re on this page, chances are you’re not either.

I believe that your career should be a vehicle for self-expression, and one of the most inspiring ways to honor that is through creating your own business.
That means building your own dreams—not someone else’s.

It would be my highest honor to support you!

What if, in just eight weeks, you were able to launch your service-based business?

What if you created packages and programs that inspired your customers to sit on a waitlist, ready to hire you?

How would it feel to live life on your own terms and create an income that supports the life you want, while making an impact?
This is the entire point of the Business Launch Mastermind!
Hear clients have to say about the methods in the Business Launch Mastermind...
"Launched my therapy practice through this methodology and landed 7 new, consistent clients within my first 6 months of business."

Nicole Nowparvar
Los Angeles, CA
"Used this to start my own consultancy and landed a 6 figure client within three months of implementing the course methods."

Gwenda Huebner
San Jose, CA
"The reason it's taken me so long to write this review is because I have so much work on my plate, thanks to Ashley! My freelance business is BOOMING! I have so many clients, it is blowing my mind."

Danielle Page
New York, NY
"Ashley is masterful at helping people figure out what they want to do with their business-- and helps them with incredible strategies to create organic leads that turn into customers.'"

Amanda Bucci
Los Angeles, CA
Launch Your Dream Business 
To Make A Great Living Doing What You Love
If not now, when?
Video Training #1: Business Owner Mindset
(75 minutes)
    It’s been glaringly obvious to me, after experiencing radical, dramatic and continuous shifts in my own mindset and witnessing what happens to my clients when I take them through a powerful mindset upgrade, that the state of someone’s mindset is actually 90% of the cause for their success or failure. I’m so convinced of this I really need to share it with you. The right mindset will bring you the clients you can serve at the prices you are truly worth.
Video Training #2: Get Crystal Clear On Your Muse
(63 minutes)
    Your ideal client is the filter to all of your marketing. Together, we will find out exactly who your ideal clients are: the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU their problem-solver, as well as the best ways to reach them in large numbers and inexpensively.
Video Training #3: Craft Compelling Marketing
(85 minutes)

    The idea here is that your clients self-select, meaning that your marketing is so compelling and clear that they self-identify as your perfect client—ready to hire you—before they even get on the phone with you. 
Video Training #4: Construct A Marketing Message
(62 minutes)
    Now that you are crystal clear on who your ideal client is, it’s crucial that you learn how to speak to them.You’ll learn how to create messaging that spares you from pushing your services so hard.This means constructing your marketing message, your tagline, your elevator pitch, your pull questions and your unique selling propositions. 
Video Training #5: Build Your Signature Story
(57 minutes)
It’s of incredible importance that you’re able to capture your rise to success in the form of a signature story. Not only will this serve as your “About” page on your website, but as a starter for all of your public speaking engagements and get acquainted calls. While the market may be full of service providers in your niche, it’s your signature story that makes you uniquely YOU! And that’s what clients want; they want someone who truly sees them, and understands them. This sort of heart-to-heart connection begins with your signature story.
This is especially powerful if you were once in your ideal client’s shoes. Nothing speaks to an ideal client more than someone who has been there, and overcome that.

Video Training #6: Package What You Know + Charge
(64 minutes)
    You’re probably great at a lot of things, but it’s important you become aware of your unique brilliance. What are you profoundly good at? This is your sauce, and this is what we want to package and price. We will take stock of your services, what you offer (or what's best to offer, if you don't have any offers), and what you know to turn these into irresistible programs, packages and systems that make prospective clients sit up, take notice and want to hire you. We also look at positioning what you offer in packages and programs, how to price your offerings so that they sell themselves and bring you more income.
    Video Training #7: Craft Your Signature Talk
    (61 minutes)
      It was expensive to invest in the preparation for my TEDx talk. I knew my words would ring in the ears of strangers around the world, and it was important that I made them count. In this training, I’ll share a critical framework on a talk that you can use over and over again to connect directly with your ideal clients. 

      Once you craft this talk, you can schedule speaking engagements until you’re blue in the face! And you’ll see that ideal clients keep showing up, because this talk is not about you; it’s about them. They need to feel understood and aligned with your gifts.
      You’ll also learn how to book multiple engagements and start charging for your time doing this. It’s time that you take your place on stage, my friend.

      Video Training #8: Create A Press Avalanche
      (73 minutes)
        Nothing adds credibility to your business quite like a bunch of press. I’ll teach you everything I know about how to become a subject matter expert in your space: this means pitching yourself to the media, selecting the right outlets, getting your articles published, and securing a large, targeted following on social media. In fact, I started a PR company because I learned to master this so well (CAKE Publishing)!

        Needless to say, it’s important you’re authentically you along the way. This includes podcasts, articles (being quoted, being featured, writing for), speaking engagements, twitter, facebook chats, TV, radio shows, TEDx).

        Video Training #9: A Website That Works!
        (68 minutes)
          It’s been said that marketing is more important than mastery. While it’s certainly important, I hate to say it’s the most important. Nonetheless, it’s our job to get out there when we have gifts to share. Creating a marketing optimized website is not just about aesthetics, it’s about opt-ins. There’s a certain level of functionality that is crucial to your website’s success in bringing you solid leads. It’s critical you learn the art of the weekly newsletter, blog content and free gifts for your community. This means understanding why people opt in, how to nurture them, and how to keep them alert to your services and gifts. In this session, we will cover everything you need to know about how to craft a website and web identity that is authentically you, and marketing optimal.

          Video Training #10: The Art of Enrollment
          (107 minutes)
            It won’t serve you to put so much effort into marketing if you don’t know how to close the sale properly. Plus, it’s not about selling; it’s about serving. You only want to work with ideal clients, and when they end up on the phone with you, it’s your gift to serve them well. 
            Here we take you step-by-very-specific-step through the Soft Close that wins them over every time. This step alone will start making you more money.

            Hear clients have to say about the methods in the Business Launch Mastermind...
            "Launched my therapy practice through this methodology and landed 7 new, consistent clients within my first 6 months of business."

            Nicole Nowparvar
            Los Angeles, CA
            "Used this to start my own consultancy and landed a 6 figure client within three months of implementing the course methods."

            Gwenda Huebner
            San Jose, CA
            "The reason it's taken me so long to write this review is because I have so much work on my plate, thanks to Ashley! My freelance business is BOOMING! I have so many clients, it is blowing my mind."

            Danielle Page
            New York, NY
            "Ashley is masterful at helping people figure out what they want to do with their business-- and helps them with incredible strategies to create organic leads that turn into customers.'"

            Amanda Bucci
            Los Angeles, CA
            Here's What You Get When You 
            Join Us Today:
              - 10 step-by-step video trainings (a total of 18 hours of instruction).
              - Downloadable workbook (accompanying every video training).

            In my early 20s, I didn't think I had what it took to make a real income as a coach... It wasn't until I chose to take courses online, and hire mentors that I'd learn that business is an art form ... And a science. What I didn't know about business is that success is all about following a proven step-by-step system that works. Strong business methodologies focus on clarifying your vision, knowing where you are uniquely brilliant, creating packages your clients want, investing in your growth, and learning how to generate leads consistently. From there, discovering how to master sales brought me from six figures to seven figures. This happened NOT because of me being brilliant, but because I was committed to learning as much as I could... And I'm so honored to now share this with clients in the Business Launch Mastermind course.

            Ashley Stahl, Creator of the Business Launch Mastermind
            Today You Will Learn How To Take Clarify Your Vision, Launch Your Business & Secure Clients That Inspire You!    

            Luck favors the bold! Don’t wait to take action—join me now! 
            We have a limited number of seats at this price point, and once we fill up, this offer will expire.   

            You deserve to live your calling—that means knowing how to create consistent leads, curate offers that excited your clients, and authentically close sales.

            "Ashley has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, 
            and receive big results as a consultant and beyond."

            Lawrese Brown
            New York, NY
             I'm not a new business owner... Should I still take this course?
            It depends! If your business isn't working for you and you're not closing clients or getting lots of response on your website, etc, then this course will bring you back on track with the key ingredients that lay a foundation for success, from clarifying your vision (sometimes you need to revisit that if leads aren't coming) to revisiting what you're offering your clients and packaging your services. From there, you can also look at your marketing message, your ideal client and all of the fundamentals that MUST be aligned in order for you to then generate consistent leads and close sales.
            Will this work for me?... Or does this course work for a certain TYPE of business?
            This course is to support you in laying a foundation for a SERVICE-BASED business... This is not the right course for you if you're looking to create a product and launch it.
            I don't want a full-time business (just  a side hustle)- will this help?
            YES! The fundamentals in this course will support you in creating the service-based business you want, be it a full scale business OR  a side hustle!
            I want to connect to a community! Is there any one on one time with Ashley?
            This is a self-study course, so there is no 1:1 time with Ashley throughout the experience! This business launch methodology presents her best material and content, but as big believers in community, we've created the Business Launch facebook group! Definitely use this group as a tool to connect with other entrepreneurs,, build relationships, and ask questions to your peers along the way.
            What if I don't like this course? 
            No problem! Email with all of your completed homework within 7 days of signing up, and we'll issue you a full refund. All the homework required for that is listed in the program agreement.
            Should I work with Ashley privately, or would the course be right for me?
            This course is best for you-- and most affordable!-- if your primary goal is to get the right foundation in place to launch your business. 

            Needless to say, Ashley's private business coaching is highly personalized, so her mastery in helping you clarify your vision, ideal client and marketing message cannot be underestimated. That being said, business coaching with her starts at $10,000, and this course covers almost 20 hours of necessary information for you to learn as you launch and set the groundwork for a highly profitable (and meaningful) business. 

            If you would like to apply for business coaching with Ashley's in house coach, click here.
            Is my culture/country too different to use this methodology?
            No! Business is simple. It's about four key steps: (1) having clarity on your vision, (2) crafting solid offers your clients want, (3) strategies to make lead generation consistent (4) converting your leads through authentic, heartfelt sales. This is consistent across all country lines.
            Do I need a college degree?
            Nope! In fact, many business owners don't have one.
            Do I really have access to this course for LIFE?
            No! You have access for 1 year from the date of your purchase.
            Will this help me get clients?
            Yes. The goal of this course is for you to set a foundation and create strategies to land consistent clients.
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