Here's what you'll get in the 
Business Launch Lab ...
  • Module 1: Business Owner Mindset - 118 minutes
    Upgrade Your Confidence To See What's Truly Possible For You
  • Module 2: Get Crystal Clear on Your Muse - 108 minutes
    Identify Your Ideal Client- The Filter For ALL Of Your Marketing!
  • Module 3: Craft Compelling Marketing - 85 minutes
    Build a Marketing Plan That Speaks To your Ideal Clients
  • Module 4: Construct a Marking Message - 88 minutes
    Devise An Elevator Pitch, Your Message, Your Tagline + More!
  • Module 5: Build Your Signature Story - 68 minutes
    Standout In the Market By Sharing Your Unique Journey
  • Module 6: Package What Your Know & Charge - 98 minutes
    Create Packages + Programs Your Ideal Clients NEED
  • Module 7: Craft Your Signature Talk - 101 minutes
    Create A Talk You Can Use Over + Over-- One That Brings Clients In!
  • Module 8: Creating Your Press Profile - 35 minutes
    Discover How To Land Lots of Press + Media
  • Module 9: A Website that Works! - 93 minutes
    Learn How To Turn Your Website Into An ATM
  • Module 10: Have a Pipeline of Clients & Close Sales! - 107 minutes
    Learn How To Build A Consistent Client Stream
...Along with the video trainings, you'll receive a workbook download with nearly every module.
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"Ashley's mindset in business absolutely blows my mind. I'm inspired by her ability to move audiences, and always learning from her!"

Amanda Bucci
Founder, Bucci Radio 
CEO, Influencer Academy

Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks to Ashley, I have landed so much unexpected press coverage and am continuing to grow a personal brand I never thought was possible for me."

Nicole Nowparvar

New York, NY
"Ashley is one of the sharpest business women I know. She has an ability to turn conversations into dollars, while still being herself. "

Sarah Anne Stewart
CEO, Holistically Slim
Author, Slim Shifts

Los Angeles, CA
"Ashley is a natural at PR, and her knowledge is so powerful for entrepreneurs. Her ability to help others generate credibility - and sales- is inspiring."

Libby Crow
CEO, Business Accelerator 

Boulder, CO
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